Activate Windows 7 Ultimate with OEM SLP Master Product Key

Thursday, 25 October 2012

  Hackers are back in action again and this time they managed to crack Windows 7 Ultimate edition. Now anyone can activate Windows 7 ultimate edition using a master product key. This master product key will activate Windows 7 Ultimate offline and it will pass Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation. This is indeed a great news since many people were exited to try their hands on Windows 7 much before it’s release date. This OEM-SLP product key and OEM certificate for Windows 7 Ultimate has been leaked from a Chinese forum.

  Hackers managed to crack Windows 7 Ultimate by extracting the OEM certificate and OEM product key. OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures) certificate is digitally signed by Microsoft with its own Private Key with OEM Public Key and OEMID (part of SLIC table in BIOS). Till now everyone were searching for a Windows 7 crack to get it activated permanently and this cracked product key works like a charm since it activates your copy offline and eliminates WGA notifications.

Product key that has been extracted by hackers and has been working perfectly on all Windows 7 Ultimate editions. This key activates Windows 7 Ultimate system that has already been installed on your system, which BIOS has a valid OEM SLIC 2.1, and corresponding OEM cert. This cracked master product key is able to activate many OEM brands like HP, Dell, MSI and Lenovo.
P.S – Cracking/hacking is illegal and we do not encourage it. This news is for information purpose only.


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